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Will Weightlifting make me better at other sports?

Yes, but that is not the focus of Team Spartacus.  Our efforts are devoted to developing weightlifters to their ultimate potential.  If you want to be the best weightlifter you can be, you are at the right place.

Do I need to be big to successfully compete?

No!  There are 8 men's weight classes, beginning at 56kg (123lb), and 7 women's classes, beginning at 48kg (106lb).  The last US Olympic gold medalist was a 48kg woman.  We are actively seeking lifters in the lighter weight classes.

How old do I need to be?

 The best time to begin lifting is 9-12 years old.  Maximal strength is obtained at 17-28 years old.  It takes about 7 years to achieve sports mastery in weightlifting.   By starting young, lifters will have put in the reps to master technique in time to optimally use their max strength years.  If you are older than 12, the best time to start lifting is now.

How much time do I need to spend training?

 3-5 sessions per week, each taking 1.0-1.5 hours.  This number will vary based on the lifter's ability to recover and stage of training.  Less than 3 sessions per week does not allow a lifter to get in enough reps to be successful.  Weightlifting requires a year-round commitment.  There is no off season.

However, people of all ages can reap the benefits of weightlifting. Whether older, younger, or anything in between, weightlifting provides healthy competition, respect for one's self and others, enhances a person's ability to focus, teaches self-discipline, but most importantly is rewarding in itself providing a sense of accomplishment. As a solo sport weightlifting teaches people self improvement through breaking one's own records and setting personal goals. 

How much experience do I need to start?

None.  Team Spartacus is happy to have lifters at all levels training with us.  Desire and interest are more important than previous experience.

What supplements should I take?

We recommend none.  Weightlifting is a drug-tested sport.  You are responsible for anything in your body.  Many supplements are tainted with banned substances, which may or may not be on the label.  There is little scientific evidence that most supplements do anything other than separate you from your money.  Additionally many drugs perscribed by doctors are banned.  BEFORE taking any prescription or OTC drugs, check the WADA prohibited substances list

Will weightlifting effect my growth?

There is no evidence to support the false assertion that weightlifting negatively effects growth plates. Weightlifting tends to attract a smaller body type much like other well known sports like gymnastics or how Basketball attracts a taller body type. This correlation should not be confused with causation.

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