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Brian Derwin (Left) with Coach Bucky Cairo (Right), 1980.

Brian Derwin

Apple Valley, MN


Sr. International Coach

Brian is a member of the 1980 Olympic Team and 1980 National Champion at 100Kg.  As an athlete he competed overseas in New Zealand, Australia, Soviet Union, East Germany (remember, it was the '80s) and China. 

He has been coaching since 1985 and has placed athletes in the Nationals, National Juniors, International contests, the Worlds and World Junior championships. Brian is the Former Chair of the USAW Anti-Doping Committee, Member of USOC Anti-Doping Committee, Past President of USAW 1996-2000.

Brian solidly believes that if you have seen one athlete you have seen one athlete. No two athletes are exactly the same. Athletes' performances are diverse in a multitude of ways: body types, flexibility, strength, former injury issues, time available to train, and goals. If the athlete consistently shows for training and works hard we will work with them and move them forward.

Audrey Derwin

Apple Valley, MN


Club Coach

Audrey Derwin has been a certified Weightlifting coach since 1991 and has been involved in Weightlifting since 1988. Audrey has had a passion for the sport since she was introduced to it through her husband, Brian Derwin. For her Weightlifting has always been a family activity. She always brings a joy and exuberance to the gym and gives each athlete her undivided attention and care.

Audrey Derwin (Left) with former Spartacus athlete Jill Dessler (Right).

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