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Our focus is the Sport of Weightlifting, which fortunately, is in the Olympic Games. Our primary focus is competitive Weightlifting. We accept athletes of all genders, ages and sizes. We have had athletes as young as 6 and as old as their seventies. All that is required is a love of the sport and discipline to train on a regular basis.

What sets us apart is the detail in coaching, teaching mental control and disciplined routine training. Right from the first teaching exercise, we teach with the “end in mind”. Our athletes pull faster, closer and more athletically than other lifters in the state. Our role as coaches is to take the complex timing of a good lift and have it become a habit, one complete athletic movement.  If an athlete lifts properly three things happen: they lift More Weight with Fewer Injuries and Greater Satisfaction. Once the movements are learned we focus on Snatch, Clean & Jerk, Front Squats, and Back Squats. In a contest the lifts are Snatch and Clean & jerk, so we focus on those, since that is what is “on the test”.

Team Spartacus is the Weightlifting Club name under Derwin Weightlifting, LLC. Our club, Team Spartacus (#30017) is a registered Club with USA Weightlifting, the National Governing Body (NGB) of Weightlifting in the United States.

Team Spartacus Weightlifting

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